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#REDIRECT [[Diversity and cross-cultural issues in Morocco]]
|region=Morona Santiago
|assignment01=Urban & Regional Planning, Youth and Community Development
|about=With Peace Corps: Land Surveyor, Shuar Indian Federation. After Peace Corps: New York University Law School 1973-1976. Alaska Legal Services
Corporation (Native Land and Fishing Rights, Public Housing, Native
Education Rights, Statewide Impact Litigation Supervisor 1974-1983).
Executive Director, Ohio State Legal Services (1983-1985). Married
Esperanza Suarez and moved back to Ecuador 1985. Professor of
Philosophy, Economics and Logic, Quito, Ecuador 1985-1989. Worked for
a local Quito firm 1989-1991. Founder and Managing Attorney, Paz &
Horowitz Law Firm, Quito, Ecuador 1991 - present.
|references=[http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/2029770.html Peace Corps Online RPCV Directory Entry]

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