Ukraine Art Book: Practical Creative Ideas for Making Art

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Ukraine Art Book: Practical Creative Ideas for Making Art
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Project Type(s):

Community Name: Ukraine
Country: Ukraine
Volunteer(s) Name: A. Brew
Volunteer(s) Homestate: Arizona
Affiliate organization: NGO Nadiya
Funds community contributed: $850.00
Percentage community contributed: 20%
Funds needed were: $2025.00
Funds requested were: $3500.00
PPCP #: 343-068
Year of project approval: 2005
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Info about the Ukraine Art Book: Practical Creative Ideas for Making Art

Partnership funds are needed to publish a children's book, Art Recipes: Practical Creative Ideas for Making Art". It is written in Ukrainian and English and 1,000 copies will be printed in each language. NGO Nadiya, a local non-profit that operates as a study-rehabilitation center for children with Down's Syndrome and Autism, will help distribute the books to major Ukrainian cities. The idea for the Art Recipes book was born from activities conducted in art classes at NGO Nadiya which lacked educational resources. A Peace Corps Volunteer working with the children utilized readily available items such as trash, dough, pasta, and vegetables to develop creative teaching tools. In February of this year, an art exhibition was held to showcase the children's work, including paintings, 150 pieces of glazed ceramics, and miscellaneous art work. Other educators expressed an interest in learning these new techniques. The book is laid out like a cookbook - what you need to do the project and simple directions of how to do it. Pictures help facilitate a better understanding of how to create these works of art.

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