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Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) is a week-long, all-girls summer camp that empowers young Dominican women to make safe, healthy, and life-affirming decisions. Activities are held throughout the week, focusing on such themes as: sexual education, nutrition, healthy relationships, career planning, emotional well-being, self-esteem, and leadership. The 60+ Dominican youth also have the opportunity to participate in sports and arts activities including: volleyball, yoga, creative writing, drama, drawing and crafts.
Camp GLOW provides participants with the opportunity to interact with female mentors, by having both professional Dominican women guests as well as American Peace Corps Volunteer counselors. Our goal is to provide female Dominican youth with the information, affirmation and encouragement they need to make healthy life decisions, believe in themselves and dream big.
In the Dominican Republic, Camp GLOW is known as Campamento Estrellas de Hoy (Camp Stars of Today) and is held in July. For many girls this experience is the first time away from their rural communities and families. Campers have the opportunity to share and learn with other young women from different parts of the country. The results are truly inspiring—the closing evening activity includes stars, affirmations, s’mores, tears and hugs.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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