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When you are ready to choose a professional paratransit software to start with setting a goal that must be achieved when using this SOFTWARE. Moreover, goals should be not abstract, but concrete and clear quantitative result. You can then start writing the technical specifications.

The results of computer-aided design, which was conducted by our company in many enterprises, it's safe to say that the greatest return on investment was there where the management has clearly defined the goals to be achieved and understood that overnight to reach them.

In addition to system integration, it is necessary to consider also the so-called "human factor", which is often simply ignored. How ready are the specialists of the enterprise to the implementation process? Will you need the training and the cost of it? How to avoid change aversion?

The answers to these questions will give pre-design survey, which can be done independently. But it is better to trust the provider, since he already has experience of such surveys and the necessary resources. We will not describe this process here, since this is a topic for another article. Imagine what he went through, became a clear objective, composed of TOR and a budget has been set.