Medical and Legal Clearance

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Medical Clearance

Remember that Health Status Review you filled out during the application stage? Here's where it comes back into play.

After you've been nominated, a member of the Peace Corps medical screening team will review your Health Status Review form. You will then be mailed a packet with instructions about your next steps—your physical, dental, and eye exams. You'll then see a doctor and dentist, and have your eyes checked. You can do all of this locally, through your regular doctors.

Why all the personal questions? Peace Corps needs to have complete and accurate information about your health in order to place you in a country that has adequate medical facilities to accommodate your health care needs. So answer all the questions honestly, and be sure not to leave anything out. The information you provide will be kept confidential.

Many applicants worry that if they have any existing health conditions, they will be automatically disqualified for Peace Corps service. This is not true—in fact, the majority of applicants are medically cleared with no problems, and our medical facilities are capable of handling a range of health conditions. Click here for more information about the Peace Corps' medical screening process (PDF), or to view a list of conditions that may affect clearance or placement. We can also work with you to ensure that you have the prescriptions you need, if this is an issue.

Legal Clearance

The Peace Corps has established legal standards of eligibility for all applicants. Most legal documentation will be collected before your nomination, but you may be asked for more information during the placement phase of the process about your marital status, dependents, financial obligations, or other circumstances that could affect your eligibility.

The final step in legal clearance is a background check through the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Almost done! Read about — Step 5: Invitation and Preparation for Departure.

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