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Rural education development is one of the most pressing needs for many communities throughout Zambia. Access to quality education is a challenge for many children in the village, resulting in high illiteracy rates and decreased vocational opportunities in the future. For this village community, the lack of a nearby educational facility has been a long-standing issue. With the closest community school over seven kilometers away, children as young as six are walking the distance twice a day to receive only four hours of instruction. As a result, classroom attendance, participation and performance are all significantly low.
This project aims to address this local need by constructing a four-classroom school where the children of the community will get the kind of education they need and deserve. According to guidelines set by the Ministry of Education in Zambia, local communities that initiate the construction of a community school will receive further assistance in the form of teachers, desks, books and other classroom materials.
In order to fulfill this requirement, the community is in need of funding for construction materials and transport costs. A significant portion of the necessary labor will be provided by community members themselves. The estimated number of students who will attend the school is 111 boys and 213 girls. With the construction of this local school, the children of this community will have a foundation to build a better future for themselves and for Zambia.

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