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The transportation economy in a city in Mauritania is woefully underdeveloped. Bicycles in particular are not appreciated nearly to their potential, in part because there is a very limited understanding of repair techniques. The great majority of bikes in the city, for example, have no brakes. After discussing this problem with the administration at a nearby trade school, the local Peace Corps volunteer aims to begin teaching a bike repair class at the school in October.
The class will run through June of 2010, and will serve 10 students. Graduates will move on to either enhance capacities at the metalworking shops where rudimentary bike repairs are presently accomplished, or set up new workshops of their own. The local trade school is a well-established and popular campus, and the volunteer will work closely with school administrators to both assemble candidates for the class and follow up on its outcomes.
The class will be taught in French, with trade school staff providing translation services. The volunteer, who has more than a decade’s experience working with bicycles, as mechanic, messenger and bike shop manager, and author of three books on bike repair, will develop the curriculum for the class.
Competent bicycle repair requires specific tools not commonly available in Mauritania, and Park Tool of St. Paul, MN has made available a generous discount for purposes of this class. The budget reflects the costs of three sets of tools – one to remain with the school, and the others to be presented to class graduates.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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