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  • ...w?":]''' ''[ Have interesting info? Email us!]''</div> <rss title=off desc=off number=15>
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  • More than two-thirds of Mexico’s population lives in cities, with the highest proportion of the workforce employed in the service secto ...y where there is significant American influence and in larger metropolitan cities throughout Mexico. In southern and more rural communities, these basic beha
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  • ...that Americans are all of one origin or race and to establish that each of us is as thoroughly American as the other despite our many differences. Our diversity helps us accomplish that goal. In other ways, however, it poses challenges. In Moroc
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  • The electric current and plug in Ecuador is the same as in the US. It varies greatly on program and site assignment. Some are in large cities like Guayaquil; others are in tiny villages with no cell phone reception or
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  • ...ome. For instance, Orange currently offers 45 minutes of talk time to the US for 5,000 Ugx or about $1.50. There are Internet cafes in most, although not all, larger cities throughout Uganda. Most Volunteers can expect to access such cafes once eve
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  • * Tampons (available in Panama, but in larger cities only) ... the mall. Prices on name brand clothing or items are fairly equivalent to US prices.
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  • ...s training group that will be meeting with you. You will arrive in a major US city and be placed with a roommate, check in, meet your fellow volunteers, ... find a spreadsheet indicating what countries stage where on the [[Staging Cities]] page.
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  • ...for emergency use. While international phone service is available in major cities, it is very expensive. Calling cards (such as those available from MCI, Spr ...r use by Volunteers at the Peace Corps office. Although some of the major cities have Internet cafes, it is best to assume that, at best, you will have only
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  • ...the Peace Corps at 1.800.424.8580 and any messages would be transmitted to us to deliver to you. ...rages about $1 per hour, though the connection and speed are best in major cities and much slower in rural areas. Please let your family and friends know tha
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  • ...ons. Crime at the village or town level is less frequent than in the large cities, where people know each other and generally will not steal from their neigh ===Staying Safe: Don’t Die or Sue us! ===
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