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  • ...igin or race and to establish that each of us is as thoroughly American as the other despite our many differences. ...nited States may be quite uncommon, unacceptable, or even repressed in The Gambia.
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  • ... will not pay the cost of transport for baggage that exceeds these limits. The authorized baggage allowance is two checked pieces of luggage with combined ==What is the electric current?==
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  • ...ported either to an American-standard medical facility in the region or to the United States. ==Health Issues in The Gambia==
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  • [[Image:FarafenniLumo.jpg|left|250px|thumb|The ''lumo'' in Farafenni]] ...ying on the Trans-Gambia Highway in the North Bank Division, just south of the border with [[Senegal]]. It is an important market town.
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  • ...areas of [[education]], the [[environment]], and [[health]] match those of the government. [[Information technology]], [[HIV/AIDS]], and [[youth]] are all ''Main article: [[History of the Peace Corps in The Gambia]]''
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  • country or program are quitting early, an applicant should wonder about the quality of that program. ...ts to choose the countries in which they prefer to serve. PC Wiki presents the ET rate data here on a country by country basis to enable applicants to mak
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  • ...t house for Volunteers is already available in Basse at the eastern end of the country. ... Mail from the United States takes a minimum of two weeks to arrive in The Gambia. Advise your family and friends to number their letters for tracking reason
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