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  • ...ers have served or are serving in South Africa. In 2001, Peace Corps/South Africa responded to the <span class="plainlinks">[<span style=" ===History and Future of Peace Corps Programming in South Africa ===
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  • skills and information to begin your adjustment to and service in South Africa. It is the first “reality test” of your life as a Volunteer, which will ...opriate to your assignment. Throughout your training, you will live with a South African family and work in villages and schools.
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  • West Africa<br> ...ean and Senegal. It consists of two narrow strips of land on the north and south banks of the Gambia River that extend more than 200 miles into the African
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  • ...orps volunteers may expect; and a repository for their experiences, ideas, projects, and for general information and tips during and after completing service tragic experiences in sharp, descriptive prose. He does not romanticize Africa or Africans, but writes with an honest sense of realism and the perspective
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  • The following articles and videos are the results of independent video projects and writing of current and recently returned volunteers: they do. Also our thoughts are with Alex's friend mike is serving in Africa now." Started with 71 views on December 19th 2010
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