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  • |country=Senegal A traditional fishing community in Senegal is seeking a Peace Corps Partnership contribution of $1,353.50 (676,750 F C
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  • ...Gambia is located in West Africa and borders the North Atlantic Ocean and Senegal. It consists of two narrow strips of land on the north and south banks of t ...results. Nevertheless, you will have a sense of accomplishment when small projects are made effective because of your efforts. Acceptance into a foreign cultu
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  • The following articles and videos are the results of independent video projects and writing of current and recently returned volunteers: "Peace Corps volunteers help local [[Ekipe]] Villagers in [[Vanuatu]] located in the South Pacific. Apparently the extra helpings of taro maniok have giv
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  • ...Gambia Highway in the North Bank Division, just south of the border with [[Senegal]]. It is an important market town. ...fenni Junior Secondary School, and Angelican Junior Secondary School. Both located in the Outskirt of the town; and two primary Schools, namely: Farafenni Low
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