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On February 19, 2008, President Bush announced that Peace Corps will go back to Rwanda. “We’ll be sending the Peace Corps back into Rwanda,” said President Bush. “First time it’s been here since 1993. These are good, decent folks, coming to your country simply to help—help people realize their God-given talents and realize the blessings of a peaceful, hopeful life.”[1]

The Peace Corps will send 35 volunteer by the end of year. These volunteers will work in the following sectors: education, teaching English, math, science or information technology.

In 1994, the Peace Corps officially closed its program in Rwanda due to political instability in the country. At the invitation of the Government of Rwanda, Peace Corps will re-establish its presence in Rwanda this year and will play a role in assisting the government to meet its goals as outlined in Rwanda’s Vision 2020: “to reconstruct the nation and its social capital; develop a credible and efficient state governed by the rule of law; develop human resources in line with the objective to turn Rwanda into a prosperous knowledge-based economy; develop basic infrastructure including urban planning; develop entrepreneurship and the private sector; and modernize agriculture and animal husbandry.”[2]

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