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Hi Will. I will be adding some CSS code here in the discussion as a holding place. Bald head, I need to find it. So I will use this as my notes to myself and hope that perhaps somebody more experienced might step in. Never one to shy away from jumping off the cliff and go swimming with the potential sharks... Here are my long winded notes to my self.

Possible CSS options

  1. Basic option is to change the main.css or shared.css or commonPrint.css files on the peacecorpwiki server. (see location of these files below)Probably not a good idea for many reasons.
  2. An other option is for me to remember how to cascade the style sheets (CSS). I believe it is possible to add a statement which points to a CSS file, say called PeaceCorpWiki.css . Here we put in the CSS which is unique to this site. Guessing this is a better long term way of doing it.
    1. The way we did it in wikifon was to change the css file by adding what we needed. Quick in the short term.
  3. There was our first wiki which we put on a site editthis.info/rpcvdraft/Header I think editthis somehow pointed a second CSS to a wiki page called "Header". They protected it so only an it took an admin or some special permission to edit it.
    1. In the context of peacecorpswiki, this might allow me to "play" with the second CSS sheet, which should not impact all the other CSS code

CSS Peacecorpwiki files

In page view (this page) I see:

I was thinking of adding a file in a new folder:

CSS wiki pointers

I will put the code and file in the mediawiki which needs to be changed to add another style sheet to the path here later.

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