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Though in recent years support for Peace Corps reform has been growing, there is currently no organized reform movement.

Chuck Ludlam is a former Congressional lawyer who has been campaigning for reform for years. He has met a great deal of resistance from the Peace Corps, and feels that in order for reform to be successful, Volunteers must organize and demand it.

In 2007, Chuck and his wife Paula Hirschoff testified at a Senate hearing in favor of the Peace Corps Volunteer Empowerment Act, which the Peace Corps opposed and killed. The testimony is posted on the wiki. In the Reform Chronology he posted in this site, he gives a detailed history of his reform efforts.

A few years ago, Chuck found that his goals aligned with PC Wiki's: to provide an open, free source of information about the Peace Corps.

Since then he has been obtaining documents from the Peace Corps through the Freedom of Information Act and publishing them on the wiki. He obtained the country-by-country breakouts of the 2008 Biennial Volunteer Survey and posted them on the wiki so applicants could sort by country and determine how their prospective program ranked on the list. He attempted to obtain the publicly-available 2009 and 2010 surveys from the Peace Corps through FOIA, but the Peace Corps has refused to release the documents. The Peace Corps is very selective about how it presents information to the public. Chuck feels strongly that this information is vital for prospective volunteers and the Peace Corps community. He filed a suit against the Peace Corps to obtain these documents and hopes they will be released so he can publish them on the wiki.

Chuck and Developmentary, Inc., the non-profit that runs PC Wiki, have been working for years to make information about the Peace Corps public and freely available. The PC Wiki is designed to be a free, open source of information about the Peace Corps. In the interests of facilitating discussion about Peace Corps reform, a separate website has been set up with forums, blogging, and other capabilities the wiki lacks. It is in the testing phase right now. Anyone interested in such a site should email ntwarne[at]

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