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Check me out: www.solarmoxie.com
Check me out: www.solarmoxie.com
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From 1997-1999 I was an English Teacher in the small village of Diapangou, located in the eastern region of Burkina Faso in Fada n' Gourma. In addition to teaching English at the local high school (consisting of four rooms lit by louvered windows) I orchestrated an HIV/AIDS awareness theater competition for secondary schools in the eastern region, as well as arranging the planning and construction of a girl's dormitory that was lit by solar panels.

Upon completion of Peace Corps I traveled 'around the world' for six months to Western Europe and Southeast Asia on my way home, where I returned to school in Northern California and obtained a Masters of Science in Environmental Systems specializing in International Development Technology.

After writing my Masters Thesis on Simple Solar Technologies for Women in Rural Africa, I served in the Crisis Corps in Namibia in Southern Africa from 2004-2005, spearheading an HIV/AIDS teacher training program in the northern town of Opuwo with UNICEF and the Ministry of Health. Opuwo means 'the end of the road' in the local language of Otjiherero, and it definitely was in terms of development and technology. Opuwo is home to the Himba and Herero tribes, and living there was like living in a National Geographic Magazine.

After returning to the U.S. from my second volunteer stint I packed up my '91 Chevy Blazer and drove across the country from California to Washington, DC looking for International Development work. I began with a temp job at the American Red Cross, followed by a administration position at the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, VA, where I maintained the budget and prepped classes for Foreign Service Officers (FSO's)training for overseas posts. I quickly graduated to a supervisory position at the Department of State (DOS), processing FSO's headed for Provincial Reconstruction Units in Iraq.

While still serving as Deputy Director for the Iraq Orientation and In-Processing department at the DOS, I was approached by a nonprofit based in Sacramento that promotes solar cooking and water pasteurization internationally. I now work as the Director of International Program Development for Solar Cookers International in California, promoting simple solar thermal technology for women and small businesses in developing countries.

Talk about full circle.

Check me out: www.solarmoxie.com

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