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Prior to departing the country, all volunteers for a departing group will meet in a major US city for a 2-3 day orientation called staging. This is the list of what city each country stages in prior to departing for their Peace Corps country.

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COUNTRY Washington, DC Miami Los Angeles San Francisco Philadelphia Boston Atlanta
Albania X
Armenia X
Azerbaijan X
Belize X
Benin X
Bolivia X
Botswana X
Burkina Faso X
Bulgaria X
Cambodia X
Cameroon X
Cape Verde X
China X
Costa Rica X
Dominican Republic X
Eastern Caribbean X
Ecuador X
El Salvador X
Ethiopia X
Fiji X
Georgia X
Ghana X
Guatemala X
Guinea X
Guyana X
Honduras X
Jamaica X
Jordan X
Kazakhstan X
Kenya X
Kiribati X
Kyrgyzstan X
Lesotho X
Macedonia X
Madagascar X
Malawi X
Mali X
Mauritania X
Mexico X
Micronesia/Palau X
Moldova X
Mongolia X
Morocco X
Mozambique X
Namibia X
Nicaragua X
Niger X
Panama X
Paraguay X
Peru X
Philippines X
Romania X
Rwanda X
Samoa X
Senegal X
South Africa X
Suriname X
Swaziland X
Tanzania X
Thailand X
The Gambia X
Togo X
Tonga X
Turkmenistan X
Uganda X
Ukraine X
Uzbekistan X
Vanuatu X
Zambia X

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