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Having just finished reading Game of Shadows the alleged tell-all book when the authors claim to possess records describing Barry Bonds, in addition to other athletes, usage of performance-enhancing drugs it's become crystal clear that Bonds cheated, continues to cheat, and could not care less about it.

Bonds nearly says this when he claims in his grand jury testimony that he hasnt played in a baseball game since college when he attended Arizona State University. Generally, what hes saying, and what he continues to state, is that he is a performer and not a rival. He quickly forgets how his supposed cheating has affected the other participants in the overall game, both present and past. And how, every evening, in every arena he plays in, he's the only real person who is in with this little secret.

When I search for a game, Im not there to be entertained. Im there to see the team I support try to get. And when I create a choice on a group, Im maybe not doing it for the entertainment; Im doing it to get. If I play blackjack or craps and head to Vegas, I consider that to be activity. I dont believe the outcome has been fixed, and while I would prefer to win, I still comprehend the odds are against me coming away successful.

But Bonds seemingly doesnt see playing football as an opposition. It sounds as our chance to watch a singer remain true there and be walked several times a and, maybe, just maybe, see him grace our existence with a house run as if he views it. Overcome yourself, Barry. Not just are you coming off such as a pompous ass, you're also making an effect on the game that the history books will reveal forever.

For example, because 1999, when his steroid use is alleged to have begun, the Bay Area Giants have won or finished second in the NL West every year, except for last year when he spent almost all of the season on the disabled list, and they finished third. Eliminate Bonds production, or fill out the production that most participants could lead, and the Giants find themselves in another place. Also, as he approached 40 years old, his figures would naturally fall, not increase. With that factored in, the Giants really could be hurting for production from Bonds.

Just ask Albert Pujols, who has finished 2nd to Bonds in National League MVP voting twice, how Bonds steroid use has afflicted his post-season award choices.

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Unfortuitously, the players who've certainly been influenced by Bonds steroid use would be the players who finished playing the game years back. Ties, along side Mark McGwire, has succeeded at placing the bar therefore high that no body will have a way to approach their records. In doing this, they have made the common fan genuinely believe that 40 home runs a time is great, but not Hall of Fame-worthy. One person who has been affected by this really is Andrew Dawson. Dawson hit 438 home runs and drove in 1,591 RBIs. He also played baseball for 21 years and has 2,774 hits with 8 Gold Gloves and 314 stolen bases. With close to 10 knee operations, Dawson should have been usually the one allowed to just take performance-enhancing drugs, not Bonds.

One thing I enjoy about Bonds is that he will not even acknowledge that Game of Shadows exists. The book has been out for approximately three months now and I've yet to hear of case filed on Bonds account that contests the contents of the book. And yet everyone only delicately goes about their sports day, without a care that Bonds continues to cheat because, as an entertainer, he thinks he can.

when he was a youngster while the book explains, Bonds never had to stand before anyone and explain his actions not. He was often the best player on the group, obtained the benefits that comes with that name, and he continues you may anticipate that to function as the case. Regardless how it affects his body, another participants in the game, the children growing up who are studying the game, or the history books Bonds is concerned with one thing enjoying the financial benefits that being an singer in football gives.

And aside from who must pay to produce that happen, Bonds is just too very happy to stay there and just take the awards and salaries that come with it. Ive often wondered how he sleeps during the night, knowing that he has an advantage that a great many other participants dont have that he's robbed to get to where he is. And the sole answer I can produce is that whenever you're being an performer and on the level, its only acting. Its maybe not who you are really so you will get away with increased. The question I have for Bonds is, if the show is finished and you walk off the stage that are you then?

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