2008 Sichuan Earthquake

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====External Links for Pengzhou====
====External Links for Pengzhou====
[http://www.pengzhou.gov.cn/ Official Pengzhou Website]
[http://www.pengzhou.gov.cn/ Official Pengzhou Website]
[http://www.xhu.edu.cn/ Xihua University]
[http://www.xhu.edu.cn/ Xihua University]

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Map showing the epicentre of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake with no labels

A major earthquake struck Sichuan Province on May 12, 2008, killing tens of thousands of people. The final death toll has not yet been assessed. All current Peace Corps volunteers are safe and accounted for, but the disaster has likely affected thousands of former students of Peace Corps volunteers.


On the Ground

People and Places Affected

Chengdu 成都

Mianyang 绵阳

Pengzhou 彭州

Pengzhou City (just northwest of Chengdu) reported 870 people dead and 3,097 injured after the earthquake, according to a May 17 Xinhua story. Smaller towns in the surrounding areas of Pengzhou County were more severely damaged.

The Peace Corps presence in Pengzhou began with the first group of China volunteers in 1993. American teachers worked at Chengdu Teachers College (成都师范高等专科学校), which in 2003 merged with a school in nearby Deyang (德阳) to become Xihua University (西华大学).

External Links for Pengzhou

Official Pengzhou Website
Xihua University

Wenchuan 汶川

Current Volunteers

External Links

Relief Efforts

a donor advised fund in collaboration with Give2Asia.
provides medical assistance through material and financial support to partner organizations worldwide. DRI also provides support in the wake of disasters, such as the recent earthquake in China.
This link has a list of tens of organizations providing relief and summaries of their goals.
HOC will be involved is some projects with education in the future. Right now, the website is just collecting volunteer and NGO info, but will be doing much more in the future.

Earthquake Information

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