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The Office of Inspector General is authorized by law to review all programs and operations of the Peace Corps. Evaluations assess the operation and administration of a particular unit or program of the Peace Corps, e.g., an overseas post or a function or program or unit in headquarters.

Overseas post evaluations focus on the systems, policies, and procedures established by the post to ensure ongoing support to Volunteers and their assignments; this includes a documented program design; design and implementation of specific projects; technical, medical, and administrative support; and safety and security.

Post evaluations provide management with an in-depth assessment of the quality of the programs overseas. This includes a review of Volunteer assignments, the appropriateness of their site placements, the quality of their training, the quality of the support provided to them, their safety and security, and the adequacy of the post’s staffing and logistical infrastructure to manage the program that is in place or is planned for the post. Evaluations provide the Agency with immediate information about the quality of management and operations. Evaluations use both quantitative data from headquarters and overseas offices and qualitative data from site visits and interviews with Peace Corps staff and Volunteers.

When evaluation staff visit a post without a member of the audit staff, they may also conduct a review of some administrative and financial systems at the post. Evaluations also review the post’s implementation of Peace Corps Manual section 270 (Volunteer/Trainee Safety and Security) and report on the safety of Volunteers and the post’s effectiveness in implementing procedures that assure the safety of the Volunteers.

Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Plan
Fiscal Year 2007 Annual Plan

Reports by Country

The following are the latest Program Evaluation and Audit Report available for each country post.

(Note: All documents were obtained from Peace Corps, by request, using the Freedom of Information Act and are in public domain)

Country Latest Report Earlier Reports
Albania Mar 05
Armenia Oct 07 Feb 05
Azerbaijan Jul 07
Belize Jun 05 Aug 00
Benin May 06 Jan 04
Bolivia Sep 02
Botswana Sep 06
Bulgaria Jan 06 Sep 04
Burkina Faso Feb 03 Mar 02
Cameroon Oct 06
Cape Verde Feb 03
China Mar 07
Dominican Republic Sep 06 Apr 05
Eastern Caribbean Dec 07 Jul 07
East Timor Jul 06
Ecuador Jan 07
El Salvador See FY2008 Annual Plan
Ethiopia See FY2008 Annual Plan
Fiji Jan 08
Federated States of Micronesia Sep 06 Sep 05
Gabon Sep 04
Gambia Aug 04
Georgia Jan 08
Ghana Feb 05
Guatemala Oct 03
Guinea Aug 07
Guyana Sep 04
Honduras Jun 07 Sep 04
Jamaica Sep 05
Jordan Sep 07 Mar 02
Kazakhstan Oct 07 Jan 03
Kenya Aug 05 Oct 03
Kiribati Jul 05
Kyrgyz Republic Mar 07
Lesotho Sep 05
Macedonia Mar 05
Malawi Dec 03
Mali Mar 03
Mauritania Sep 05 Jan 05
Moldova Mar 04
Mongolia Mar 03
Morocco Jun 03
Mozambique Sep 05 May 05
Namibia Dec 05
Nepal Mar 04
Nicaragua Dec 03
Niger Jul 07
Panama Jun 07 Mar 05
Papua New Guinea Aug 00
Paraguay Oct 03
Peru See FY2007 Annual Plan
Philippines Aug 05
Romania Jul 06 Jan 03
Russia May 02
Samoa Mar 05 Dec 04
Senegal Sep 07
South Africa Oct 06
Suriname See FY2008 Annual Plan
Swaziland See FY2008 Annual Plan
Tanzania Jul 03
Thailand Sep 07 Mar 03
Togo Sep 04
Tonga Mar 05
Turkmenistan Aug 06
Uganda Dec 06
Ukraine Jul 05 Jan 02
Vanuatu Dec 05 Jan 03
Zambia Sep 07 May 06

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