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Michel Bouchard
Flag of Chad.svg
Country Chad
Years: 1976-1978
Region(s) Sahel Africa
Program(s) Skilled Trades
Assignment(s) Skilled Trades
From US state Virginia
From US town/city Springfield
Michel Bouchard started in Chad 1976
Mike Bouchard
Region: Sahel Africa
Mike Bouchard
Skilled Trades in Chad:
Mike Bouchard
Other Volunteers who served in Chad
Flag of Chad.svg
Amanda Baumann, Mike Bouchard, Pat Burns, Barbara Caruso Cazorla, Jere Gilles, Jane A. Hale, Robert Irvin, Doug koester, Ada Jo Mann, Randy Nissly, Jonathan Salkind, Magaret E Schutzius, Margaret Schutzius, Sarah Senseman, Kristina Venzke
Projects in Chad
Flag of Chad.svg
Karal Women's Association Development, Moukoulou Village Library
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Volunteers in the following chart have information in the PCwiki:

Started service in Ended service in Name of community was Name of region was Served in sector Primary assignment was
Barbara Caruso Cazorla 2439491.51967 2439856.51968 Fort Lamy Health
Ada Jo Mann 2439491.51967 2440222.51969 Health
Jane A. Hale 2440587.51970 2441317.51972 Abeche Education
Jere Gilles 2440587.51970 2441317.51972 Lac Prefecture Bol/Sandari Agriculture
Robert Irvin 2442048.51974 2442778.51976 Doba Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Randy Nissly 2442413.51975 2443144.51977 Bongor Education Secondary Teacher/Training
Mike Bouchard 2442778.51976 2443509.51978 Sahel Africa Skilled Trades Skilled Trades
Pat Burns 2443144.51977 2443874.51979 Education English Teacher/Training (TEFL)
Doug koester 2447892.51990 2448622.51992 Berem Gubelsou Environment
Jonathan Salkind 2448257.51991 2448988.51993 Pala and Lagon Education
Amanda Baumann 2448988.51993 2449718.51995 Health
Kristina Venzke 2448988.51993 2449718.51995 Education
Sarah Senseman 2449353.51994 2450083.51996 Kelo

Hard tour but incredible experience: Maintaining all equipment for a very large scale land reclamation agriculture project on Lake Chad. Including produce transport overland by and over water by barge.

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