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Volunteers Supporting Volunteers
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Community Name: Fuling
Country: The_Peoples_Republic_of_China
Volunteer(s) Name: Asia China
Year of project approval: 2009
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Volunteers Supporting Volunteers
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Info about the Volunteers Supporting Volunteers


For Current Volunteers

Who We Are

Volunteers Supporting Volunteers (VSV) is a group of China PCVs who make themselves available to speak confidentially with volunteers who may be feeling stress with their assignment, relationships, or daily living in China. We seek to develop a climate of helping among PCVs to ensure that everyone feels supported, everyone has someone to talk to, and everyone understands what resources are available for them. Our goals are to develop a culture of helping among PCVs in China, provide support for and reflect a diverse corps, and actively reach out to volunteers so they are aware of our network and available mental health resources.

If you are a current volunteer or have been invited to volunteer in China, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns (pcchina.vsv at gmail.com).

Tips on Staying Happy and Healthy in China

Go out. Talk to people. Find a way to speak Chinese. Make yourself understood. Exercise. Breathe. Do yoga. Find a gym. Go running. Find a spot of nature. Drink a latte. If the sun comes out, sit in it. Cook. Learn something new. See something new. Write in your journal. Call home. Ask a friend to join you on a walk. Take a weekend trip. Dance in the park. Call a VSV-er to shoot the breeze or just blurt it all out. Remember you're not alone having a bad day. You'll feel better. Promise.

Useful Mental Health Links

Mental Health America's 10 Tips for Staying Happy. They say they are for "older" people, but they are good reminders for everybody. [1]

Basic Yoga Sequences [2]

For Invitees


VSV responds to your questions: FAQS from the China Volunteer Perspective

General China FAQs: FAQs about Peace Corps in China

Site Descriptions

Peace Corps has many sites in 4 provinces (Chongqing, Gansu, Guizhou, and Sichuan). Not all of them will be described here. The purpose of these personal descriptions is to give you a general feel of several different sites and how volunteers make their lives there. Click here to read more about China Sites.

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