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Bafilo Radio Station Project, Bantay Dagat Outpost, Jennifer Bartimole, Brick Oven Health and Food Preparation Project, Building Hope Through Basketball, Business Education, Camp H.E.A.L., Ceramic Stove Project, Charentsavan Business Education and Resource Center, David Cohen, College Entertainment System, Community Recreation Area, Computer and Library Access, Computers for Martin Luther King Jr School in Kpalimé, Computers for Martin Luther King Jr School in Kpalimé, English Language Teaching Center, Enhancing Education through Technology, Gene Carl Feldman, Marnie Feldman, Rebecca Moss Guyver, Maureen Hagen, Tim Hartigan, Kenneth W. Hasson, Helping Hands, High School Kitchen, Jeffrey Horton, Increased Educational Opportunity, Internet Technology Access, Las Carreras School Library, Barry Levinson, Literacy Initiative, Lviv Youth Leadership Program, Maternity Ward at Health Clinic, Debra Miesing, Mogwase Girl Guides and Boy Scouts, Elizabeth Moore, Kimberly Morlang, Outdoor Ambassadors Summer Program, Jennifer Pertgen, Plan Today, Live Tomorrow: Teaching Sexual and Reproductive Responsibility in Secondary Schools, School Toilet Construction (Tanzania) 2, School and Community Basketball-Soccer Court, Ronald A. Schwarz, Securing Our Environment, Summer Environmental Workshop, Take Our Daughters to Work Week, Kelly Tooley, Village Market, Water and Hygiene Education, Women and Youth Development Scholarship Program, Wum High School Science Laboratory, Youth Leadership Camp Avanoa Tutusa, Suzanne Zanelli, Zogbepime Middle School Construction, Monika de Vries- Nigeria

Previous     Results 1– 55    Next        (20 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500)
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