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Thaine H. Allison, Jr., An Improved School for the Entire Community, Bob Arias, Audio-Visual and Duplicating Resources for Bobur School, Erica Barajas, Mark Barajas, Thomas Barakatt, Basketball Court, Beaders' Community Workshop, Jeff Blyth, Build Your Dreams: Youth Entrepreneur Project, Build a Library, Build a Future, Joe Busch, Camp GLOW, Candlelight Memorial, Jim Carr, James Carr, Alex Castellanos, Eileen Chase, Jay Chen, Child Artists Against HIV and AIDS Arts and Recreation Center, Community Center, Computer Lab Project - Bulgaria, Crique Sarco Primary School Computer Lab, Crooked Tree Pasture Clearing, Arthur Davis, Development of Tourist Welcome Center, Diversity and Leadership Youth Camp, Djabagbal Primary School Reconstruction, Davey Dobbs, Volunteers who served in Jordan, Jordan volunteers, East Province Water Pump, English Textbooks, Charles Escoffery, RPCV Fiji RE-1, Lien finau, Alexander (Alex) Fankuchen, First Aid Workshop, First Annual Bulgarian Student Play Writing Competition, Mike Fogg, GLOW/TOBE Leadership Camp, Girl's Leadership Camp, Girls Leadership Camp, Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center, Healthy Stoves, Harmony Hill, Brett W Holt, Weihow Hsue, ICT Center, Improving Access to Museum Library Information, Interactive Language Resource Room, Robert Irvin, Rex jackman, Kerry Johnson, Cal Jones, So-Youn Kim, Bonnie Kirk, Kitchen for Secondary School, Patty Kolb, Daniel Kreuzer, Latrine Project Panama, Latrine and Hygiene Education, Jan Le, Jacqueline Luna, Susan McGowan, Dick Mentzer, John Mikesell, Millet Grinder (Niger), Maureen Murphy, My Life My Rights Woman Workshops, Tom Newcomb, Rebecca Niles, Nkwene Sports and Recreation Center, Humphrey O'Donoghue, Elizabeth O'Malley, Paraguay Program for Technical and Financial Support 2009, Bill Parks, Thomas Parks, Ryan Paulsen, Primary School Renovation, Pucara Library, Re-Engineering SPED Programs Division Wide for Students with Disabilities, Lex Rieffel, Christina Rudy, Dwight Russell, Safety in the Workplace, School Perimeter Fence Construction, Secondary School Classrooms, Thomas Seligman, Senegalese Girls Bike Tour (Tour des Filles), Shea Butter Facility and Machinery, Nancy Shemick, Howard Siegel, George Leigh Simpson, Soccer and Literacy: An After-School Program, Sharon Suri, Teaching Supplements for Secondary School, The Right Start: Improving Kindergarten Resources, Togo Girls' Scholarship Awards, Training and Environmental Education for the Guides and Students of Alfkoara and W National Park, Tu'anuku Primary School Photocopy Machine, Uganda Computer Lab, Uganda School Improvement and HIV/AIDS Educational Murals, Ukraine Documentary Series: Increasing Awareness of Civil Society, Ukraine Seminar Resources, United Women for Development Conference, Dirk Vanderloop, Sonia Vazquez, Michael Victor, Workstation Computer Lab, Young Paraguayan Women's Scholarship Project, Zombodze Sports and Recreation Center, Terry Allen, Michael Lee, Zane Reeves

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