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|site= Ambato
|region=Tungurahua Province
==Description of Ambato==
Ambato is the provincial capital of [[Tungurahua Province]].
==History of Ambato==
Ambato is a very busy city. Ambato has street markets. I believe each Monday Ambato has its largest street market. This is the time when you should buy all of your goods when you are able to carry everything you have purchased.
==Potential Community Projects==
Many communities outside Ambato need assistance with water. Clean water needs to be brought into communities and modern sewage systems need to be installed so waste water can leave many communities.
==Presence of NGOs==
Buses are a major form of transportation in Ambato.
The August climate can be very cool during the night. Remember to purchase blankets from the street vendors in Ambato so you will remain warm during the August nights.

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Projects in Uganda
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