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Source: FOIA request #10076 (June 2010)

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Peace Corps press release about her death
Fallen Peace Corps Volunteers Memorial Project 
So-Youn Kim

About So-Youn

Ms. Kim of San Francisco was 23 years old. She graduated from Stanford University in 2007 and began her Peace Corps service in September 2008. Ms. Kim served as a youth development volunteer in Tamegroute, a small village within the Zagora province. Ms. Kim’s primary assignment was serving in a youth center where she was involved in a wide range of activities in her dual role as English teacher and youth development worker. In addition to her primary assignment, Ms. Kim sought out additional activities focused on helping the pottery cooperative in Tamegroute and developing an apprenticeship program. She loved to teach children, support the cooperative and respect the historic craft. In September of 2008, Ms. Kim submitted a thoughtful and hopeful Peace Corps aspiration statement. She described her outlook on her service project, and wrote, “Youth development work is effective when young people are taught to become educated, empowered, and responsible members of their communities while being given space to explore and share the challenges of their own individual identities.” This is an ethos and passion Ms. Kim brought with her to Morocco. Ms. Kim passed away on November 16 in Marrakech unexpectedly after an illness. The exact cause of death remains unknown.