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|site=Basse Santa Su
|region=Upper River
Camp CACTUS is a high-energy, interactive 8-day camp where young Ukrainians (ages 16-19) will develop a sense of civic responsibility and enhanced problem solving skills. Camp CACTUS was initiated by 13 young Ukrainians who had attended similar camps in the past, and wanted to extend the benefits of such a camp to the next generation. Each has donated time to designing the camp. The entirety of the camp and its advanced content will be conducted in English, thereby increasing participants’ communication skills.
[[Image:1917383-Basse Santa Su-The Gambia.jpg|right|300px]]
The four curricula tracks include:
'''Basse Santa Su''', usually known as '''Basse''', is a town in [[The Gambia]], lying on the south bank of the River Gambia. The easternmost town in the nation, it is known for its important market.
1. Project Planning – Participants will understand civic responsibility through planning a small camp project, implementing those projects, and then developing their own community service projects to be implemented upon return to their home communities.
==Peace Corps History==
2. Country Studies – Participants will gain an understanding of problem solving, debate, leadership, and world affairs by partaking in a Model UN.
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3. Arts – Participants will learn about various contemporary forms of art, including theater, creative writing, and photography.
==Volunteer Projects==
4. Teambuilding – Participants will understand the importance teamwork and leadership. While learning these skills, the participants will become well-acquainted and form a peer network with whom they can collaborate on future community projects.
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Each class will have a concluding program where participants will present their newfound knowledge.
Funds received from the Partnership Program will finance a portion of the housing for the 30 participants traveling from other regions, breakfasts and dinners for the aforementioned, and lunches, snacks, and tea breaks for all camp participants.
Note: This summary was provided by a Peace Corps Volunteer and the community administering this project.

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See Appropriate technology information on Basse Santa Su at:Basse Santa Su at Appropedia.


Basse Santa Su, Located in::The_Gambia
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Basse Santa Su, usually known as Basse, is a town in The Gambia, lying on the south bank of the River Gambia. The easternmost town in the nation, it is known for its important market.

Peace Corps History

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Volunteer Projects

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