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|project=Bukhara English Youth Center (BEYC)
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B. Rateike and S. and E. Spitzer of IN
The Bukhara English Youth Center is a young organization with a bright future to play a defining role within civil society in Uzbekistan. Started in 1996 through the collaboration of Peace Corps Volunteers and the city of Bukhara, BEYC has thrived independently for eight years. BEYC is unique in that it is the only location in the region where people of varying ages can practice their English language skills and gain a deeper understanding of English speaking cultures. BEYC is also the only venue in the region providing youth-based programming. It currently has over 600 members and over 90% of study-abroad candidates from Bukhara are present or past members of the organization. In addition many of Bukhara¿s emerging business leaders are former members of the organization. BEYC has been and continues to be integral in creating and fostering leaders for Uzbekistan. Its members are the future of our Uzbekistan and the bridge to inter-cultural understanding. While the organization has a bright future based on its current operations, the acquisition of adequate programming space will enable the organization to reach new heights in the services it offers to the Republic of Uzbekistan. Full funding of this project will allow BEYC to own a centrally located, structurally adequate programming space that will build the capacity of BEYC as an organization and ensure the sustainability of the center.

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