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US Peace Corps

Status: ACTIVE
Staging: 9 September 2014

American Overseas Staff (FY2010): FP 04 (Minikon, Reece, Franchesc, $ 80,582), FP 04 (Handley, Abibata, W, $ 63,612), FP 03 (Mengel, Gordon, J, $ 88,359), FP 01 (Abrams, Mary, $ 134,576)

Latest Early Termination Rates (FOIA 11-058):

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Peace Corps Welcome Book
Country Director:

John Reddy


Health, Education

Program Dates:
Current Volunteers:
Total Volunteers:
Languages Spoken:

French, Kinyarwanda, English



The Peace Corps signed a country agreement with the Government of Rwanda in 1974 and the first group of Volunteers arrived in 1975. The agency withdrew Volunteers in 1993 due to the civil war and the program closed in 1994. In the 18 years that the Peace Corps operated in Rwanda a total of 114 Volunteers served successfully.

A new country agreement was signed with the Government of Rwanda on July 18, 2008. The first new group of thirty-five Public Health trainees arrived in January 2009. They will be assigned to the Ministry of Health and the National AIDS Committee to health centers throughout the country.

Some Volunteers will be assigned to work on HIV/AIDS prevention programs, funded by the President's Emergency Program For AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and administered by the National Committee to Fight against AIDS. Other Volunteers will be assigned to the Ministry of Health. In addition to efforts to prevent AIDS, all of the Volunteers will work on issues such as nutrition, malaria prevention, vaccinations and income generation.


Peace Corps History

Main article: History of the Peace Corps in Rwanda

Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Ag Extension 1989 1991
Animal Husband 1990 1991
Animal Husband Lg 1988 1988
Crop Extension 1970 1988
Business Business Advising 1987 1987
Cooperatives 1989 1989
Education English Teacher 1989 1992
Secondary-Ed Math 1990 1992
Secondary-Ed Sci. 1990 1992
Univ. English Teaching 1979 1991
Environment Forestry 1982 1988
Protected Areas Management 1987 1991
Health Health Degreed 1989 1992
Health Extension 1989 1992
Nursing 1989 1989
Physical Therapy 1984 1990
UNV United Nations Volunteer 1976 2003

Peace Corps News

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Trip across the world delayed - Pilot Tribune

Pilot Tribune

Trip across the world delayed
Pilot Tribune
Since Frantz had been to Rwanda previously, the Peace Corps felt like she has too many personal connections there, due to her previous visits and study abroad that she was a part of. "The indications early on that I was going to go to Tonga," Frantz said.

Peace Corps Volunteers Conclude Two-Year Mission in Rwanda -

Peace Corps Volunteers Conclude Two-Year Mission in Rwanda
Peace Corps Volunteers who are concluding their two-year mission in Rwanda have described Rwanda as a great country to work with. Claire Brosnihan, 24, one of the volunteers who have been in Rwanda since 2012, said: "I see myself coming back to ...


( As of Sunday April 20, 2014 )

Country Fund

Contributions to the Rwanda Country Fund will support Volunteer and community projects that will take place in Rwanda. These projects include water and sanitation, agricultural development, and youth programs.

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