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|project=Fuel the Future: Biogas Generators in Cambodia
|fatalitydate=December 24, 1965
Two critical issues facing rural farming communities in Cambodia are the lack of cooking fuel and electricity. The Fuel the Future initiative would address both of these problems using biogas generators as a cost-free way to provide these scarce resources. The biogas generator takes a variety of waste products (mostly cow manure or human waste) and utilizes the methane gas emitted from these products to feed a gas stove or lamp.
Currently, most farmers in Cambodia struggle to pay the rising costs of cooking fuel, which can total $20 to $30 dollars per month. The cost is extremely high considering that most farmers have no supplemental income outside of farming rice. Electricity is often non-existent among rural farmers in Cambodia, and the biogas generator would be able to supply power to a standard lamp. The production of cooking fuel and electricity from an abundant resource (manure) will improve the standard of living while redistributing expendable income toward other areas such as education.
The objective of this proposal is to fund a pilot biogas generator ($1,115.50) in a rural farming community to promote further use of this technology, which is new to Cambodia. The model farm will be responsible for the implementation and operation of the biogas generator, and will be required to give community workshops on the effectiveness of the system. The success of this project will encourage further rural farms to consider adopting this valuable method of transforming waste products into scarce resources.

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