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After a competitive application process stressing applicant skills, adaptability and cross-cultural understanding, Mr. Jeremy Richart was invited into Peace Corps service. He was assigned as a Community Outreach Specialist in the Community Health Education sector at the Hope ’98 NGO in Vayk, Armenia.


Mr. Richart entered training on June 6th of 2002, participating in an intensive 11-week training program in Dilijan, Armenia. Language training, totally around 125 hours, included the acquisition of both written and spoken Armenian. Upon completion, he received an ACTFL test rating of Intermediate Middle. Cultural training topics included the history, economics, political situation, and cultural norms of Armenia. In addition, as part of the language and cross-cultural component of the training program, Jeremy lived with an Armenian host family. Health technical training included the history of the Armenian Health Care and Educational Systems during the Soviet and Post-Soviet period, current health trends, community assessment techniques and analysis, NGO capacity building, curriculum design, lesson planning.

Primary Project

Mr. Jeremy Richart arrived in Vayk, Armenia, a former Soviet industrial town with approximately 3,000 people, in September 2002 as the third Peace Corps Health Volunteer. He conducted community needs assessments and performed both qualitative and quantitative statistical analysis of 50 local children to determine needs and desires that Hope ’98 could satisfy through it’s after school programs.

Mr. Richart designed and implemented a Children Playground Creation proposal for the Hope ’98 NGO to USAID’s Small Project Assistance (SPA) program, ultimately affecting 400 families and over 800 children. He led the Hope ‘98 team in designing, writing, and supervising all aspects of the proposal and project, including budget, delegation of responsibilities, and the monitoring and evaluation of the project from inception to completion. He was awarded the grant in April 2003 and has successfully completed the construction of a children’s playground in June 2003.

Mr. Richart furthered the sustainability aspect of Hope ’98 by designing and facilitating the renovation of the Children’s Creativity Center building (where Hope ’98 is located) to include the installation of gas and heating units to ensure year-round continuity of the after-school children’s programs. He supervised all aspects of the proposal writing and project implementation, including goal and objective setting, budget adherence, and sustainability.

Secondary Projects

Mr. Richart initiated and developed a female volleyball and stretching exercise program for the Vayk Sports Center. He worked with and trained local individuals in various aspects of health and nutrition enabling the participants to be able to instruct others. He further organized 2 competitions for women between surrounding villages, each involving 20-30 participants.

Mr. Richart coordinated with 14 volunteers to conduct a Women’s Day Essay contest. He coordinated contests involving 8 schools and over 100 students designed to raise awareness of the role of women in Armenian society. He distributed essay materials, coordinated translator, and facilitated the collection, examination, and selection of winners from his region.

Mr. Richart worked with several other Peace Corps volunteers to implement activities for Earth Day in 2003. He designed and implemented the First Annual Earth Day Poster Contest in Vayk to promote a healthy environment utilizing two secondary schools and more than 100 students. He lobbied local business owners and government offices to display winning posters that promoted healthy ecological themes. Finally, he collaborated with local organizations to organize festivities and an on-line poster gallery display promoting environmental awareness.

Mr. Richart was also highly involved in raising HIV/AIDS awareness. During the fall of 2002 and spring of 2003, he conducted five lectures at the Goris Teachers College to educate 250 future teachers on the myths, truths and protection options concerning AIDS. On World’s AIDS Day in 2004, he conducted a lecture for 15 national health and organization heads concerning the myths, truths and future implications of HIV/AIDS for Armenia.


At the end of his service, Mr. Richart facilitated the training of 13 new Community Health Education trainees during the 11-week 2004 Pre-Service Training (PST). He, with the help of a local trainer, designed the training curriculum, developed sessions, planned field trips and panel discussions, and evaluated three separate knowledge application practicums. Included in the training were sessions on the Armenian Health Care and Educational Systems, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, curriculum design, lesson planning, classroom management, NGO capacity building, and included visits to numerous health organizations and institutions. He utilized various trainees’ inputs, along with previous PST evaluations, to continually modify the training and ensure maximum relevance to the trainees’ situation and interests.

Mr. Richart has served as the All-Volunteer and In-Service Training Conference Volunteer Coordinator, assisting Peace Corps staff to develop curriculum, lecture and foreign language topics, logistics and speakers for a five-day conference involving 84 volunteers. Additionally, he participated and was certified as a trainer of trainers in three areas: Gender and Development (gender equity programs), Project W.E.T. (Water Education Training) and Project Learning Tree curriculum, and USAID Project Design and Management Training of Trainers. Additionally, he facilitated a three-day Project Design and Management Workshop to a group of PCVs and their Armenian counterparts. The workshop provided the participants with practical and theoretical tools on developing, designing and managing a project.

Mr. Richart has served as a Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC) member to address volunteer concerns to the Peace Corps Administration. He was the elected volunteer representative to participate in the Peace Corps Armenia Fiscal Year 2003-2004.