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Fula (also Fulani; endonyms: Fulfulde, Pulaar, Pular [depending on region]; French term: Peul) is a group of very closely related languages, or a single language with variations. It is spoken as a first and sometimes as a second language in a number of West and Central African countries where Peace Corps works or has worked:

There is high mutual intelligibility among varieties of Fula, especially those in neighboring regions. Pular of Futa Jalon in Guinea and Fulfulde of Adamawa in Cameroon have somewhat unique features.

The endonyms are geographically linked - with Pulaar and Pular used in the west of West Africa - and not by themselves indicative of linguistic distinction. For instance, Pulaar and the Fulfulde in Mali are much closer than the former is to Pular in Guinea or the latter is to Fulfulde in Cameroon.

Peace Corps language programs on the country level are independent (no information on sharing resources for this language?). One set of resources developed by Sonja Fagerberg-Diallo for Pulaar in Senegal, Fulfulde in Mali, and Pular in Guinea, and used by Peace Corps in those countries in the 1980s, approached these languages as variants of a single language.

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