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FOIA 05104 +Medical Screening Guidelines
FOIA 08034 +State Department Treaties
FOIA 08035 +Description of Service (DOS) documents of all volunteers who have ever served in the Peace Corps
FOIA 08064 +The classification, assignment, country of service, dates/general location of orientation/PST/Service, of all cohorts for all countries past and present for all years
FOIA 09085 +Various Reports including Health and Safety
FOIA 09127 +Political Appointee listing and memos
FOIA 10019 +Peace Corps Directory and Political Appointee listing
FOIA 10023 +Peace Corps Partnership Program ' and any reports published by the Office of Private Sector Initiatives (OPSI) in addition to the Building Bridges newsletter since January 2007
FOIA 10038 +Peace Corps Digital Library Information
FOIA 10053 +2010 Staff Directory and Political Appointee Listing
FOIA 10065 +Agency funding of NPCA
FOIA 10072 +Biennial PCV survey and 2009 PCV survey by OSIRP
FOIA 10075 +Investigation of crimes against Volunteers away from the Peace Corps Inspector General office
FOIA 10076 +List with all volunteers who died in service from 1961 to present
FOIA 10078 +Change of readjustment allowances through time
FOIA 10103 +Number of volunteers currently serving in subsectors
FOIA 10124 +PC FOIA Logs FY 2008 & 2009
FOIA 10126 +Current 2010 Headquarters/Regional/Overseas Staff Directories
FOIA 10127 +Peace Corps Digital Library Funding
FOIA 10128 +Grants to NPCA
FOIA 10161 +Lawsuits against Peace Corps
FOIA 11043 +Listing of Peace Corps Political Appointees
FOIA 11044 +DOS statements for all Peace Corps Volunteers that have served since 1961
FOIA 11053 +Reports including Health, Safety, and Early Termination
FOIA 11058 +Early Termination Rate Data
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