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For main article see: Current Volunteers The following are highlights from 2010 See others that have made the front page of the wiki:

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2010 Highlights

Week 29 July 25th 2010


27 Months, A Peace Corps Documentary (Part 1)"I recently finished my Peace Corps Service in Guatemala and as my secondary project I created a documentary about PC Guatemala...." -Joe Busch
See Part II here!

Week 28 July 18th 2010


Help Senegal Workout! Partnership Project from Senegal

Week of July 12th 2010


Malaria! "Free time and creativity unite to fight the evil forces of West African mosquitos! This is Peace Corps in action... rewriting the lyrics to our favorite songs, and then choreographing and performing them for the amusement and education of the new PC trainees in country!" PCVs Mali

Week of July 4th 2010


The Rise & Fall of Stolichni" See how cooking is done in Azerbaijan. "A submission to the Peace Corps Azerbaijan Cooking Competition."

Week of June 20th 2010


Luisa's Pathway" Peace Corps volunteer Natalie Parker describes her village footpath project. Filmed in the Fiji.

Week of June 6th 2010


My First Project" A simple introduction to Mike's Peace Corps house in Lesotho, Southern Africa. Please keep in mind that PC accommodations range widely within regions and within countries. Last week we showed a "frivolous" Peace Corps apartment in China: My Peace Corps Apartment
Conviser2 Lesotho.jpgConviser Lesotho.jpg
Also check out these great Lesotho maps by Jack Convise.

Week of May 27th 2010


My Peace Corps Apartment " A simple introduction to my "frivolous" Peace Corps China apartment in Beibei, Chongqing. Please keep in mind that PC accommodations range widely within regions and within countries. This video topped the charts on popular PC videos 2009-2010. If you are a current volunteer or have been invited to volunteer in China, feel free to contact Volunteers Supporting Volunteers (VSV) with any questions or concerns (pcchina.vsv at

Week of May 16th 2010


Senator Johnny Isakson Honors Kate Puzey " during a speech on the Senate floor. Kate Puzey was Peace Corps volunteer in Benin. See a tribute to the life of Kate Puzey at: Light a Candle for Katemore....

Week of May 9th 2010


Mack's Youth Institute "This is just a short film introducing some of the sights and activities that are carried on here at Mack's Youth Institute in Bartica, Guyana. Although the original intention was to raise funds for the project, those funds have already been raised. So, this video is for you to enjoy and learn about what we are doing here, and if you were one of those who did donate, thanks so much." more....

Week of May 2nd 2010


Honduras Man with No Name Clint Eastwood Honduras gives a tour of his crib in the dry season.

Week of April 25th 2010


"Inside the Hive back by popular demand part duo of the breakthrough "Nathaniel Fatty's Miracle Videos" from The Gambia see others including Beekeeping: Hive Making and Placement, Garden Teas , Neem Cream (for mosquitoe repellent) and Composting

Week of April 18th 2010


"Beekeeping: Hive Making and Placement" Breakthrough "Nathaniel Fatty's Miracle Videos" from The Gambia see others including Inside the Hive, Garden Teas , Neem Cream (for mosquitoe repellent) and Composting

Week of April 11th


"The Universal Nut Sheller Video" David Campbell describes this nut-shelling project his is using for a project south Senegal. "He got molds for a small (but still heavy) hand operated nut-sheller sent over very cheap. All the metal and concrete work is done here by Senegalese.....All the woman's groups were very enthusiastic and the local metal workers all excited to start making the pieces". - more Senegal videos more Senegal blogs

Week of April 4th

Outdoor Ambassadors Summer Program‎ is a project designed and implemented by Peace Corps volunteers and their Albanian counterparts, that seeks to engage youth in environmental preservation activities in cities and towns around Albania. more

Week of March 28th 2010


"Nine Months" Miles Videriro has captured volunteer life in Georgia.
Hear him tweetProfile bird.png more Georgia videos more Georgia blogs

Week of March 21th 2010
Saturday wall of text: What is the Point of Peace Corps? "This is a question I suspect is on the minds of many volunteers in South Africa—what the hell am I doing here? It’s a difficult question in the abstract, not least because there are dozens of countries involved, each with its own training program, staff, and host country support. I’ll start with the training program—is Peace Corps sending adequately-trained volunteers to their permanent site?..." more

"....teacher training is a thorny problem with no clear-cut solution."
-RJA Northern Cape, South Africa March 20th, 2010

Week of March 14th 2010


Part 1 of 2 part series on being volunteer by Carrie Pavlik Zambia 2007-2009. Read more on her blog Check Peace Corps Journals for more videos

Week of March 7th 2010


Several RPCVs made a film to celebrate the life of Catherine Puzey. PC Wiki commemorates those that passed away while serving. Volunteer Memorials

Week of March 1st 2010

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