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East panorama of Peshkopi.
The post office.
Bashkia and Prefektura.



The name "Peshkopi" (definite form Peshkopia) derives from the Greek episkopia, which refers to the seat of an Christian bishop. The word peshkop "bishop" still exists in the modern Albanian language. One folk etymology for the name is pesë shtëpi "five houses", in reference to the tiny size of the town in times past.

Presence of NGOs

The QEK.


Schools in Peshkopi include the following:

Nazmi Rushiti.

Both high schools observe the following schedule:

1st period - 8:30am-9:15
2nd period - 9:20-10:05
3rd period - 10:10-10:55
Long break (pushimi i gjatë) - 10:55-11:20
4th period - 11:20-12:05pm
5th period - 12:10-12:55
6th period - 1:00-1:45
Demir Gashi and Selim Alliu.

Directors of schools in Peshkopi report directly to the Regional Directorate of Education (Drejtoria Arsimore Rajonale) of the region (qark) of Dibër, whose offices are in the same building as the city government (bashkia) of Peshkopi and the regional government (prefektura). The Director of Education (Drejtor Arsimor) is Premtim Kryemadhi.


The route to Tirana passes through Maqellarë, Bulqizë, Klos, Burrel, and Milot.


Hotel Turizëm

There are two hotels in Peshkopi: Hotel Veri and the Turizëm hotel. Turizëm is located towards the west end of the boulevard. Volunteers who have stayed there have reported that it is not kept very clean. Peace Corps staff stay at Veri when they come to town. Veri is located close to the elementary schools, next door to SNV's current (and soon to be former) office.


Snow in late 2007.

Peshkopi tends to have cold winters and relatively mild summers. Longtime residents claim that there used to be several feet of snowfall every winter. The winter of 2007-2008 saw significant snowfall, but not enough to impede transportation.

Current volunteers

Past volunteers

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