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Jobs on the wiki

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Article Creation

Articles Gene Haas generated with a template.

Front Page

Current format, June 1st 2009



JUNE 2009 Redesign thoughts:'BY Hayley

This page contains frames:


On the top is a banner with the church calendar software

wiki and journals logo to the left and the title "The Peace Corps Wiki" in the center. Under it thought some type of Link Building motto or snazzy quotation from JFK would be a nice touch.


On the left is the research paper help navigation toolbar. It is basically broken down into 5 sections:

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Under that, I think the legislation relevant to PC is important.


JUNE 2009 Redesign thoughts:'BY Nicolas

Volunteer Articles

Volunteer Template

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Africa (region) : Malawi (country) : Malawi Articles (country category page) : Volunteer Group 1964-66 M3 :


Africa (region) : East Africa: Malawi (subregion?): Malawi (country, with country category included) :M1(Group 1964-66): Name (Volunteer)

Africa (region) : East Africa: Malawi (subregion?): Malawi (country, with country category included) :M1(Group 1964-66): Bubu (site)

Africa (region) : Blog in SEO East Africa: Malawi (subregion?): Malawi (country, with country category included) :M1(Group 1964-66): Education (sector) Africa (region) : East Africa: Malawi (subregion?): Malawi (country, with country category included) : Bubu (site): Name (Volunteer)

Authentic Essays

Status: submitted FOIA request for group designations.


Gold ETF

Country pages



A couple of calendars can be made (one might be too big for everything)

  1. Calendar of RPCV events, "friends of" groups, reunions, etc. Options Calendar
  2. Official Peace Corps recruiting events on campuses, cities.
  3. Calendar of when groups are leaving for staging/swearing-in/COSing
  4. History of Peace Corps

Sources of information

  1. NPCA website, Friends of websites, regional RPCV websites
  2. Peace Corps main website
  3. Both from contributers, and hopefully the FOIA is current groups are included
  4. FOIA request of cohort data, and main Peace Corps website Tim Viec Lam, Trade Forex||Logo Design Contest|Essay Help

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Interwiki links

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Community maps



FOIA Requests

Cohort histories

Assignment histories

FOIA granted / supplied


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-- The process of getting the stats might be a problem if you don't define what an ET is; they used to change the stats that way. How many extensions for each volunteer employee and each staff employee. Countries PC is active in where the signing government no longer exists(it's okay if the courts are still there). How many have military dictators, are under US sanctions(except for PC) and or UN sanctions for foreign aid. How many are post conflict. How many volunteer employees had to pay for their own ticket home. How many countries FSO's are paid danger or hazard pay PC is in. How many volunteers work for NGOs or programs like Pep Far that they are hired to work at. The cost of the volunteer employee with the new raise and with the new budget. How the Benin volunteer employee died. How many volunteer employees were fired for acquiring aids. How many volunteer employees travel out of country(their country) for PC and how much they're paid for the work. --

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