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|firstname=Hubert J.
[[Kati Réti]]
|program=Youth and Community Development
|assignment01=Youth and Community Development
==Description of Service ==
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==Lessons Learned==
They were some of the best days of my life. It is very hard to duplicate that kind of experience. I still long for the connection with development that I felt in those days.
I still feel that it was one of the most challenging and productive times of my life. Yet it has been difficult to build on that experience in any significant way back here in the U.S., other than for the speaking the Spanish
==About Hubert J. Dufner Today ==
I worked in Tanzania with Texas A& M from '79-81 and in Ethiopia with Catholic Relief Services in 85-86. As of 2002, was married to Carmen from Ecuador, living in Fargo, ND and operating an
organic potato marketing business.
==External Links==
[http://peacecorpsonline.org/messages/messages/467/2029788.html Peace Corps Online RPCV Directory entry]

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