Eastern Europe and Central Asia

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Volunteers in Eastern Europe and Central Asia work to strengthen the capacity of local communities to address changing and complex needs in education, health, business, agriculture, and the environment. Volunteers share important technical expertise, promote civic responsibility, and make significant contributions to creating a better understanding of Americans in nations long isolated from democracy.

For a detailed history of Peace Corps in Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia Region see here


Albania Moldova
Armenia Romania
Azerbaijan Ukraine
Bulgaria Kazakhstan
Georgia Kyrgyz Republic
Macedonia Turkmenistan


For a detailed history of Peace Corps in the Baltics (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia) see History of Peace Corps in the Baltics

Bosnia-Herzegovina Lithuania
Cyprus Poland
Czech Republic Russia
Estonia Slovak Republic
Hungary Turkey
Latvia Uzbekistan


Eastern Europe and Central Asia currently represents 20% of the volunteers.

By sector:
Volunteers serving in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
51% are Education Volunteers
21% are Business and Information & Communication Technology Volunteers
15% are Youth and Community Development Volunteers
6% are Environment Volunteers
5% are Agriculture Volunteers
3% are Health Volunteers

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