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|project=Marimba Dance Group Outfits
|fatalitycause=Motor Accident
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This project will purchase the materials to make traditional marimba dance outfits for a dance troupe in a small coastal town rich in Afro-Ecuadorian cultural heritage. A local woman, trained in traditional marimba dance techniques, has worked on and off with a group of teenage girls in marimba, mapele, and some modern dance. The dance troupe often performs at community events such as the town's anniversary fiestas in late September, community soccer matches, and other local celebrations. The dance trainer would like the dance group to perform in more community events, but needs fabric to make the traditional dance skirts and tops. The local women will contribute (through fundraising or local collaboration) the means to purchase the fabric for six out of the twelve outfits needed for girls participating in the dance group.

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