Professional and Career Benefits

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Peace Corps Volunteers gain valuable skills and experience that will help in any career path. Use the skills and experiences you gain overseas to help build a career in virtually any sector of our society.

Develop Skills for the Global Marketplace

Fluency in foreign languages, international experience, and cross-cultural understanding are highly sought-after assets in today's global economy. Whether you are just out of college, mid-career, or retired, the Peace Corps provides you with up to three months of intensive training before service begins and offers continued training throughout your service. The new skills you learn can help you achieve long-term career goals by enhancing your marketability to employers. Volunteers returning from abroad have used their Peace Corps experience as the foundation for successful careers in a variety of areas, from government to business to education.

Get Job Placement Support

Returned Volunteers have served as members of Congress, cabinet secretaries, university presidents, and corporate leaders. The Peace Corps provides transition assistance related to jobs and education through its 11 regional recruitment offices. In addition, the Peace Corps maintains a directory of former Volunteers and others who are willing to offer career advice, providing a ready-made job network in a wide variety of fields; publishes a biweekly online newsletter with job announcements, graduate school information, and industry overviews; and sponsors career workshops throughout the year.

Receive Advantages in Federal Employment

Volunteers who complete two years of service receive one year of noncompetitive eligibility for employment in the federal government. This means that if you meet the minimum qualifications for a position, you can be hired without going through the standard competitive process, at the employing agency's discretion.

Those who are employed by the federal government can receive credit toward retirement for years of Peace Corps service. Learn more about receiving retirement credit for your Peace Corps Service.

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