Northern Virginia Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

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The Northern Virginia (Nova) RPCV group strives to build an international network of Peace Corp alumni to foster peace through better understanding of other cultures and social and physical geography. We encourage mentoring of new and returning PCV’s, working together in local service projects, and promoting the 3Rd goal of Peace Corps. Our regional coverage includes all of Northern Virginia[edit]

Our Goals are: 1) To build an international network of Peace Corps alumni, current volunteers, staff, and friends to exchange ideas and experiences; 2) To mentor prospective Peace Corps Volunteers; 3) To engage in community projects, both here and in our communities of service; and 4) To promote the 3rd goal of Peace Corps.

Our Activities are: 1) Potluck meetings every second month – the second Sunday of the month with a speaker from our group. 2) Ethnic dinners 3) Booth at the Reston Multi-Cultural Festival 4) Volunteer service activities in the community

If you are interested in participating, please email us at

If you are a currently serving Peace Corps volunteer from Northern Virginia, and have a in country project that needs some funds, consider reaching out to us with a proposal. We do not have a lot of funds, but can help out.