Peace Corps Books: Stories, Manuals, History, & Criticism

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Memoirs & Stories from Individual Volunteers

  • Portrait of a Peace Corps Gringo - Through the recounting of many stories, this book candidly discusses the author’s successes, failures, and adventures as a husband, father, brother, and social worker.

Story Collections from Volunteers

  • Letters From The Peace Corps - Peace Corps letters, and Journal entries from Peace Corps experience in Guinea Bissau and Cabo Verde West Africa.

Peace Corps Manuals

  • Unofficial Peace Corps Volunteer Handbook - This is a guide and journal in an easy-to-use and easy-to-write-in handbook designed to be with you before you join, while you serve and after you come back from your Peace Corps experience.
  • Peace Corps Family and Friends Guide - This booklet is designed to help answer the most frequently asked questions from family and friends as well as provide information that can alleviate concerns and facilitate a supporting role in the Volunteer’s success.
  • Romania in Depth: A Peace Corps Publication - Romania, one of the most populous countries of eastern Europe, has a rich and complex history, whose culture has evolved over centuries and is a product of many conquering tribes and empires...

Peace Corps History

  • Peace Corps Chronology; 1961-2010 - This easy-to-read book describes the first half century of service during which more than 200,000 Americans volunteered to work in 139 countries.

Peace Corps Criticism

  • Peace Corps: The Icon and the Reality - This book reviews how the Peace Corps repeatedly suppresses criticism that would harm its iconic image, such as the Kate Puzey murder scandal, its own damaging statistics, constructive critics who would reform program, and the Peace Corps Wiki itself.
  • Murder in Benin: Kate Puzey's Death in the Peace Corps - Kate Puzey was a popular, outgoing 24-year-old who loved being a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa, but when she discovered a dark secret in her village, she knew she needed to take a stand -- a decision that would ultimately cost her life.
  • Let's Use Free Speech to Expose the Peace Corps - Based on personal observation, the author attests that the Peace Corps disempowers the disadvantaged. The Peace Corps models arrogance. The Peace Corps shackles humanity. 26 pages; 25 poems