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|firstname= Michael
|middlename= Richard
|lastname= Hudson
|country= Liberia
|yearservicestarted= 1974
|yearserviceended= 1975
|site= Cuttington College
|site2= Gboveh
|group= {{{group}}
|program= Education
|assignment01= Science Ed/Gen.
|editor= on
|editorname= hudsonm49
== Description of Service ==
Trained in Phily and then in Monrovia.
Initially worked as a bio and chem teacher at Gboveh high school and then moved to Cuttington College where I was in the Bio section of the Science Department.
== Lessons Learned ==
Great experience, great memories, great friends.
Gives me pause weekly to relive my African experience.
Has affected me politically, personally, and professionally.
== About Michael Hudson  Today ==
Returned to the US and completed my masters and then worked on a doctorate in teaching biology to continue my PC experience.
Took a side trip to medical school but always taught.
Spend 16 years as a family physician in my old neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.
Considered returning to Africa, but moved to a small rural island in BC, Canada for another great international experience.
Now involved in teaching med students and starting up residency training programs in Corvallis, Oregon.
== External Links ==
== Publications based on Peace Corps Experience ==
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[[category:Cuttington College_1974]]
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