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About Us

“Bringing the Experience Home”

We are a volunteer-run organization representing the sizable community of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and groupies who live and work in Washington, DC. We do this through three main activities.

1. Holding social events such as happy hours, parties, field trips, and other fun, interest-based activities. Any member may start a club and utilize our network to organize it.

2. Helping local nonprofits engaged in community development meet their needs for volunteer assistance by holding regular service projects and partnering toward shared goals.

3. Helping our members advance their careers through structured professional development events and by establishing a vibrant, organized network of mentors in various industries.

From time to time, we also engage in events of a symbolic or historic nature, such as marching in a parade or participating in a public ceremony. Membership is open to all who share a passion for community service, professional development, and international engagement. The first year is always free; afterwards, dues are $15.00 per year."

2012-2013 Mission Statement

To serve as a resource to RPCVs and friends in the Washington DC area through social events, community service projects, and professional development programs that embody the 3rd Goal and spirit of the Peace Corps.

What We Do

In addition to organizing regular social events for our members, RPCV/W divides its long-term programming into four areas:

Community Service

RPCV/W is committed to supporting local organizations engaged in community development in the DC area. We are all volunteers at heart, and our members enjoy coming out on a weekend to help out a worthy cause. Keep an eye on our events for our next volunteer day. Service events are organized by our Community Service Director.

Partnership for Peace

Each year, we officially sponsor a grassroots nonprofit that shares our goals and values. In addition to awarding them a cash grant based on the proceeds of our yearly fundraiser, we advertise their events through our social network and help them organize volunteers for their activities. Our Vice President is charged with coordinating and strengthening the PfP program.

Professional Development

We believe that all RPCVs should be able to network freely, and encourage our members to make time for their peers who are looking to climb the ladder. To this end, we host regular networking events in panels, and we are organizing a vibrant network of mentors in dozens of different workplaces who are willing to sit down for coffee with a qualified applicant or someone interested in their work. This program is overseen by our Professional Development Director who acts as our chief networker and job coach.

Special Events

As our numbers grow, so does our role in the community. RPCV/W is often called upon to plan and participate in major public events. From parades to public-speaking, our services are always in demand. On September 28, 2011, RPCV/W organized a large public event at Arlington National Cemetery to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, which hosted over 5,000 participants. Since 1984, we have gathered each year to lay flowers at the gravesite of John F. Kennedy in Arlington National Cemetery. We have also march with Peace Corps in Presidential Inauguration and DC's LGBT Capitol Pride Parade.


We undertake and sponsor educational and charitable activities in support of the Peace Corps Third Goal initiatives, "Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans." For example, for the past two years, we held an Iftar (Fast-breaking) dinner to celebrate the customs and culture of this worldly event.

We provide the foundation of a Community of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Since we are a membership-based organization, RPCVw is dedicated to pursuing the vision, interests, and needs of its unique membership. Our Annual Wreath-laying Ceremony at JFK's Grave brings us together to remind us all of where we came.

We Inform and educate members and the public on matters relating to economic development and developing countries, including but not limited to those countries which have been served by the Peace Corps. Every year, the members of RPCVw demonstrate their ongoing commitment to supporting international development work through the sponsorship of a Peace Corps Partnership Project. This 'black-tie' event is always a crowd pleaser!

This past year, we transitioned to an improved website and membership database be better meet the needs of our membership. RPCVw is embarking on a membership campaign to increase and retain our membership. Our goal is to offer events, activities, and programs that will encourage participation and support. Our efforts will culminate with the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary activities in 2011! So, keep your eyes open and come join us to encourage your fellow RPCVs in the Washington area to be apart of a proud membership of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers choosing to share Peace in our own country.

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