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The_Gambia Regions
The_Gambia PC Sites
Albreda, Bansang, Basse, Brikama, Farafenni, Janjanbureh, Jufureh, Kalagi, Kanifing, Kerewan
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Jufureh, The_Gambia
Region North Bank
Volunteered in North Bank
Mano Sonko
Other sites in North Bank
Albreda, Farafenni, Jufureh, Kerewan
Volunteers who served at Jufureh
Projects at Jufureh
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Jufureh, The_Gambia
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Volunteers Who Have Served in Jufureh

Jufureh, Juffureh or Juffure is a town in The Gambia, lying 30km inland on the north bank of the River Gambia in the North Bank Division. It is said to be where Alex Haley's novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family is set. It is home to a museum and lies near James Island. A family claiming to be the descendants of Kunta Kinte still resides here.

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