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After leaving the Peace Corps in 1974,I earned an MBA from the University of Texas in December 1976. I married Susan Kendrick in December 1976 and went to work with Exxon in Houston. While I lived in Houston for most of my career, I spent 5 years in Wyoming and some long stretches in Alaska. Susan and I had three children, 2 of whom are now married. In 2009 I retired, but continued working with Exxon as a consultant until 2014.

My Peace Corps experience was especially helpful during the last 15 years of my career as I was responsible developed a global network of advisors to standardize HR processes. I had the privilege of working with wonderful people on 6 of the 7 continents (No operations in Antarctica). I spent a great deal of time in West Africa (Chad, Cameroon, Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea), and traveled to many other sites - Southeast Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Papua New Guinea), and South America (Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil) Morning teleconferences were for Europe and Africa. Mid day calls were the Americas and evening calls were Asia and Australia. I believe that I was better able to relate to my global coworkers because of my time in the Peace Corps.