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This project takes place in a strong, united, and hard working community with several organized committees and community projects. However, in 2005 the village was devastated by a flood in which the community lost over a dozen homes to the river. Immediately after the disaster, the CNE (National Emergency Commission) declared the community uninhabitable and announced the relocation process.
The site where the new community will be located has been prepared for the infrastructure process and is ready for the construction of houses and community buildings. Land has also been allotted for the construction of a multiuse sports court within the community play ground.
This community has never had a public multiuse court. Children play in the street or on the soccer field, which is severely damaged from the flood. Several community groups and individuals have expressed interest in this project, especially the Development Association and Women’s Group who will be organizing funding for 25% of project costs. The town has many young families in which the mother is at home with the children throughout the entire day because there is no recreation area. The community playground and accompanying spots court would offer a social and recreation opportunity for these families and for all community members. It would also offer an opportunity for various youth sports teams (volleyball, basketball, street hockey). The children have no place especially for them, a place where they can be free, play, and enjoy themselves; I think it’s time this community had a recreation area, a sports court, to offer its children.
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