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|firstname= Rita
|lastname= Tiltges
|country= Jordan
|yearservicestarted= 2001
|yearserviceended= 2002
|site= Aqaba
|site2= Wadi Rum
|group= {{{group}}
|program= Business
|assignment01= Business_Advising
|assignment02=Environmental Ed.
== Description of Service ==
==See also==
* [[Iran]]
== About Rita Tiltges  Today ==
==External Links==
[http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PC-FRIENDS-OF-IRAN/ Peace Corps Friends of Iran]
[[Category:Iran]] [[Category:Friends]]
[[Category:RPCV Associations]]
== External Links ==
*Personal homepage/Blog:
*Facebook page:
*Myspace page:
*Linked-in page:
== Publications based on Peace Corps Experience ==
== References  ==
(for all information above)
{{DEFAULTSORT:Tiltges,Rita }}

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