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See Appropriate technology information on ICT Computer Lab for JHS at:ICT Computer Lab for JHS at Appropedia.

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ICT Computer Lab for JHS

Purpose and Approach

At the Junior High School (JHS), the teachers and headmaster are serious education providers. Provided with few materials and funding locally, they are still enthusiastically active in the education of the students. With the continuing promotion in Ghana of the importance ICT education, the Project Team understands the need for improving the school’s resources to provide a proper learning environment for its students. In addition, the teachers and students at the primary level will have access to the computers as well. The project aims to build a new structure attached to the school specifically designed as a computer lab with the security necessary to keep the computers and equipment safe from outside forces such as theft, weather, and bugs, mice, and other critters.


  1. To construct a computer lab that is affixed to the existing school.
  2. To improve the ICT skills for teachers and students at the JHS and primary schools.

Action Plan

  1. Meet with counterpart and headmaster to plan the room.
  2. Call craftsmen from the town to give estimates for building a room that would be two-thirds the size of a regular classroom. Get estimates from a mason, an electrician, and a carpenter for labor and materials.
  3. Research the cost of computers and peripherals.
  4. Apply for a SPA grant under the Basic Education sector for a computer lab.
  5. Get letter in writing from the district office committing to sustain and protect project.
  6. Buy materials, transport to site, and store in safe room.
  7. Construct new computer room and connect electricity.
  8. Paint building.
  9. Buy computers and install.


Currency Exchange Rate: 1.43 Ghana Cedis = 1.00 US Dollars

Community Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Land 1 500 500 349.65
Foundation laborers 6 persons x 3 days 150/day 2,700 1,888.11
Block making 5 persons x 8 days 10/day 400 279.72
Roofing laborers 4 persons x 2 days 20/day 160 111.89
Painting labor 2 persons 20 40 27.97
Wiring labor 2 persons 20 40 27.97
Electricity wiring for school 500 500 349.65
Electricity pole and installation 400 400 279.72
Total 4,740 3,314.69

Partnership Contribution
Material Quantity Unit Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Sand 8 trips 50/trip 400 279.72
Cement 115 bags 14 1,610 1,125.87
Wawa board (for pillars and foundation) 30 5 150 104.90
Nails 10 boxes 25 250 174.83
Iron rods (for pillars and beams) 1 ton 750 750 524.48
Stones (for pillars, beams and foundation) 4 trips 70 280 195.80
Binding wire 1 box 50 50 34.97
1/4 inch rod 60 3 180 125.87
Wall frames 3 54 162 113.29
Door and window frames 3 20 60 41.96
Ceiling board 135 6 810 566.43
Roofing sheet 4 200 800 559.44
Burglar proof 1 300 300 209.79
Paint 4 gallons 20 80 55.94
Louver mesh 10 6 60 41.96
Mason 3 80 240 167.83
Carpenter 3 80 240 167.83
Electrician 2 50 100 69.93
Total 6,522 4,560.84

Total Project Cost
 % Contribution Total Cost (Cedi) Total Cost (USD)
Community Contribution 42 4,740 3,314.69
Partnership Contribution 58 6,522 4,560.84
Total Project Cost 11,262 7,875.53

Additional PC Resources

See Peace Corps ICT Manual (under construction).

Project Reflection and Sustainability

From Fowler

From Guillermo

Continuity and sustainability are the two main risks of building a computer lab. If the computers are not maintained, they slowly break down. The district education office was required to pre-approve the headmaster spending some of his capitation funds on computer maintenance every year. This would go towards a specialist looking at and repairing the computers, as well as buying small parts that may waste through use. To prevent theft, the district education office was required to hire a night watchman to stay at the school.

My main concern of the project was budget management. I knew that many of the numbers from the estimates were going to be off but I didn’t know by what degree. Some of the challenges in writing the application were estimates written in Dagbani, estimates in a mixture of old and new currency, hand-written estimates, estimates sometimes itemized and sometimes totalled, being sure every single item was accounted for. Also, some of the materials were “theft attractive” and needed to be kept under lock and key.

My plan was to be as frugal as possible with all the spending, literally watching every pesewa that was spent, and fight over any additional costs that were not originally agreed upon. My concern was that if we went over budget, we would have to cut into the computer budget and buy less PCs than expected. My counterpart and I did all the purchasing rather than giving money to the tradesmen.

My counterpart and the PC PTA were able to source materials locally at good prices and diffuse difficult situations with vendors. Students also provided labor for unloading material.