History of the Peace Corps in Senegal

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History of the Peace Corps
Since 1960, when then Senator John F. Kennedy challenged students at the University of Michigan to serve their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing countries, more than 182,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 138 countries all over the globe.

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The Peace Corps program in Senegal began in 1963 with the assignment of 15 English teachers to secondary schools around the country. In the ensuing years, the program has grown considerably. On average, about 120 Volunteers work in a wide range of projects throughout Senegal.

History and Future of Peace Corps Programming in Senegal

In the past, the predominant Peace Corps project was TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language), with the rural development project playing a secondary role. Current programming efforts integrate the goals of the government of Senegal to benefit the rural population with the goals of the Peace Corps, placing special emphasis on projects that meet basic human needs. Currently, Peace Corps/Senegal has projects in small business development, natural resources management, agriculture, and rural health.

Peace Corps/Senegal will continue to assign Volunteers primarily to small-scale projects aimed at training rural individuals or communities to tackle their own development problems and priorities. This policy reflects Peace Corps/Senegal’s continued adherence to a philosophy of grass-roots sustainable development and coincides with a growing recognition by the government of Senegal that a centralized, top-down development approach is neither effective nor affordable.

Assignment History

Sector Assignment Beg. Yr End. Yr
Agriculture Ag Extension 1978 2008
Apiculture 1993 1993
Crop Extension 1962 2007
Farm Mechanics 1982 1982
Soil Science 1992 1992
Business Business Advising 1977 2007
Cooperatives 1984 1997
Education English Teacher 1967 1997
Fisheries Fresh 1980 1993
Home Economics 1981 1981
Industrial Arts 1974 1974
Prim-Ed/Teach Trn 1982 1984
Secondary-Ed Sci. 1989 1989
Univ. English Teaching 1980 1990
Voc. Trainer 1976 1976
Environment Comm Forestry Ext 1987 1998
Environmental Ed. 1991 2008
Forestry 1981 2007
Protected Areas Management 1989 2007
Health Disease Control 1989 1989
Envir. and Water Resource 1962 1977
Health Degreed 1990 2007
Health Extension 1978 2008
Hygiene Ed/Sanitation 2003 2003
Nursing 1992 1992
Master's International Masters Internationalist 1992 1992
Other Flexible App 1976 1976
Unique Skill 1982 1992
UNV United Nations Volunteer 1975 1979
Youth and Community Development Appropriate Tech. 1977 1989
Commun. Serv/Deg. 1966 2008