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READ ME: I worked with another volunteer (Albert B. Kopf) on an 8-year old exotic tree species trials project centered in Cuenca, Ecuador and sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution in cooperation with the Peace Corps. We, researched seed stock, procured seed from around the world, managed the nursery growth of potted tree seedlings, planted new plots, and measured up to 8-year old tree plots in a project to research alternative tree species that could be used to help commercially reforest the very deforested Andes Mountains of the southern sierra and serve as alternative tree species to the two principal commercial tree species grown in the tropical world (i.e.,pinus radiata and eucalyptus globulus). We supervised up to 15 man crews in this reforestation project in southern sierra of Andes Mountains in Ecuador. We continued the R&D of this 8-year ongoing exotic and native tree species experimental plots in various climates through mountains and into foothills of the Amazon Basin in the Provinces of Azuay, Cañar, and Morona Santiago. We published 2 non-refereed final reports to the cooperating and interactive agencies (i.e. USAID, FAO, CARE, Host-country development agencies). We also worked to access funds through grants for community projects such as nurseries, potable water, and bridge construction in the pueblos surrounding the metropolitan Cuenca area.


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